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Buchanan Elm Table

The Buchanan Elm Table is named after the 15th president of the United States because he is buried in the cemetery where the tree was locatedThe top of the table pictured is a thick slab of the American Elm wood. We left the edge "live", filled the cracks with a clear epoxy resin, and added a clear finish to maintain the natural character of the tree. The custom trestle base has our black finish.

Old Road Furniture has several figured elm slabs in various sizes from an American elm tree that was growing in historic Woodward Hill (or Buchanan) Cemetery. When living the tree was 6 feet in diameter and was on the national register for big trees! The tree died several years ago and after its death, needed to be cut down to ensure it did not damage the historic cemetery making these slabs environmentally-friendly.

The tree was growing in this small cemetery in Lancaster, PA which is the burial place of President James Buchanan
, the 15th President of the United States! Visit our specials page for more information on wood slabs; including pictures of this tree before it was cut and for more history of the Buchanan Elm. 

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