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Custom Furniture

Throughout our website are several examples of custom pieces we have designed and built. Unlike many furniture stores, we do not limit you with a set line of furniture that you have to decide between. Rather, you tell us what you want. We make furniture for you - to your size, style, wood species, and design.

You are part of the custom design process for your furniture. Having furniture that you helped design and was tailor-made to your personal preferences is exciting and is something that our customers enjoy for many years to come as they live with and use the furniture which they were a part of from start to finish. 

We will be involved as much or as little as you want during the custom furniture design process. We have many years of experience in building and designing furniture and will provide our opinion on the engineering principles or design/look of the furniture when necessary but ultimately the final decision is up to you. 

As Tim often says when asked questions about custom furniture; "The answer to every question is 'Yes!' Except 'Can I have it for free?' and 'Can I have it tomorrow?'"

If you are interested a custom piece, the best way to get started is to contact us and provide the basic details of what you are looking for. A few things to keep in mind are the dimensions, species of wood, the design/style that you have in mind, and any other details or requirements which may be unique to your project. If you do not know exactly what you want, that is fine too. We would still encourage you to contact us and we can talk through these things together. 

From this point, we will develop drawings in order to establish a starting point for you to articulate and communicate any changes back to us in order for you to receive exactly what you are looking for. We find that providing you with a sketch or drawing of the furniture is a great method for communication. Email and phone calls allow us to design  a custom piece for someone who lives anywhere in the country. We will also generate a quote for your custom furniture at this point in the process. We will communicate with additional sketches until a final design is established. 

Before we are ready to begin making your piece of furniture, we will locate the wood if it is unique to the project and not something that we currently have available at our shop. 

Below are several pictures of custom pieces that we have designed for past customers along with the drawings that we used to communicate the look and design of the furniture before we finalized the order. Of course, you also determine the final wood and stain of your custom designed furniture. 
Pricing for Custom Furniture

The best way to determine the cost of custom furniture is to contact us and ask for a quote. If you are not quite ready for a quote but are looking to estimate what the cost of a custom piece will be, simply browse through our online showroom and find the cost a similar piece of furniture as the starting point. Any difference in the cost from this point will be because of changes in 
materials and in 
complexity of construction.

For example, if you want a Custom 3'x5' Cherry Farm Table with a straight tapered leg, take the cost of our 3'x4' Cherry Farm Table with the "Henry Lapp" Leg and can estimate that it will cost a little extra due to the extra wood used to make the table.

Unlike most custom furniture stores, we will not charge extra simply because it is "custom". Unless you buy from the selection of furniture that is currently in our showroom, we will be making any piece of furniture for you the same way as we will be making a custom piece. So why charge extra?

We have found that several customers, especially those who order custom designed furniture, enjoy seeing their furniture as it is being made. We can take pictures of the process from the selection of wood, to several pictures as it is being crafted in our workshop, to the finished piece. A great way for us to share pictures is via our Facebook page. Just like our Facebook page and then post on our page that you would like us to send you pictures and we will post or send them to you as we make your piece.

Custom Mission Style Walnut Coffee Table with Sketch

Custom Cherry Two Drawers Sideboard with Sketch

Custom Tiger Maple Hutch with Preliminary Design Sketch

Custom Entertainment Center with Sketch

Custom Natural Cherry and Tiger Maple Sideboard with Sketch