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File Cabinet

Our File Cabinets are available in both Standard and Deluxe patterns. The standard pattern features straight panels whereas the deluxe version has raised panels on the sides and the back. Both have solid wood construction. Be have two and four drawer cabinets. 

Pictured are the four drawer deluxe version and the two drawer standard version made of oak wood. Like all of our furniture, our file cabinets can be customized in any way. We can make them in any size, wood species, design, and any number and size of drawers.

Pricing for this piece is shown below; please contact us for a quote on a custom file cabinet or for more information.

Height:  31 in. (two drawer), 56 in. (four drawer)
Width: 18-1/2 in.
 28 in. 

Two Drawer Standard
Oak: $705.00
Cherry: $780.00
Walnut: $790.00

Two Drawer Deluxe
Oak: $1,100.00
Cherry: $1,200.00
Walnut: $1,210.00

Four Drawer Standard
Oak: $990.00
Cherry: $1,100.00
Walnut: $1,135.00

Four Drawer Deluxe
Oak: $1,565.00
Cherry: $1,175.00
Walnut: $1,845.00