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Henry Lapp

Old Road Furniture first began several years ago making Henry Lapp reproductions. We have since responded to customer demand and now offer many different styles of furniture and make custom, to order pieces.

Henry Lapp was an unusual Amish-man.  From the late 1800’s until 1904, he operated a thriving furniture business in a beautiful wood-shop just a few miles from the present location of Old Road Furniture Company. Here along one of the oldest highways in Lancaster County, Lapp built his exquisite furniture.  The simple patterns and designs of Lapp’s work certainly reflected the choices he made as a member of the Amish church.

Stories about Henry Lapp abound among the Amish people who inhabit Lapp’s neighborhood today.  People who remember him, say he had a serious speech and hearing impediment.  Because of this, he communicated with others by writing and drawing his requests or accomplishments in  small booklets which he carried with him at all times.

Lapp had many other interests.  He operated a hardware store.  He was known to be an inventor. And many years after his untimely death at the age of forty-one, an antique collector discovered his considerable talent as a watercolor artist. The two known largest collections of his work – furniture and watercolors – are owned by our company and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Browse through the images of our collection of Lapp's work below. Notice any similarities to some of our work?

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