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Henry Lapp Bench

According to custom, benches were placed with the skirted side facing forward so the person on the bench behind had room to stretch their legs without bumping against a skirt. In keeping with the Lapp design, our Henry Lapp Bench has skirts on only side and use the open mortise and tenon joint with a driven wedge to secure the legs to the top. We offer the benches in three lengths: 3 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet. 

This settee is
 available in a variety of wood species, several different stains, and our black rubbed through finish. This collection also contains a side chair and arm chair.

Pricing for this settee is shown below; please contact us for a quote on a custom chair or for more information.

Henry Lapp Bench
Height: 17-1/2 in.
Width: 12 in.

3 Foot Long Bench
Oak: $315.00
Cherry: $380.00
Walnut: $400.00
Tiger Maple: $430.00
Black Rubbed: $400.00

4 Foot Long Bench
Oak: $325.00
Cherry: $400.00
Walnut: $410.00
Tiger Maple: $440.00
Black Rubbed: $410.00

5 Foot Long Bench
Oak: $340.00
Cherry: $425.00
Walnut: $440.00
Tiger Maple: $465.00
Black Rubbed: $440.00