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Modern Cherry Panel Bed with Flamed Maple

This is a custom modern style panel bed made from natural cherry wood with a flamed maple headboard. This bed features elegant angled lines and has two drawers in the footboard. The headboard had flamed maple panels. Flamed maple is not a true species of wood; it is the name we gave to this very unique maple tree. This tree likely had a growth defect, possibly ingrown bark, that produced this incredible character that resembles flames. Along with this growth defect, this tree also has spalting which gives the wood dark lines to provide a subtle contrast.

This is a custom bed that we can use as a starting point for other custom beds. However, the wood used for the headboard is very unique and cannot necessarily be duplicated. 

We can make custom beds in a variety of styles using a variety of woods. We make any of our beds in any size to fit any mattress. Visit our custom furniture page for more information about a custom piece.

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