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Pipe Base Coffee Table

The Pipe Base Coffee Table has four steel pipes for its base. The top of the coffee table pictured is a round curly spalted maple slab cut. We left the edge "live" in order to preserve the character of the wood slab. The slab was cut as a cross section of the tree which allows the wormy pattern left by the Ambrosia beetle to radiate from the center of the slab. This coffee table is about a 4 foot diameter and is 20" high. There is a natural crack in the one edge of the tree where we used a bolted steel "bow tie" to keep the crack from separating and filled all the cracks with a clear epoxy resin. 

This is a great conversation piece to have in your living room!

This table can be made in a variety of woods or sizes or we can design and make a custom table similar to this table. The top pictured is unique and we cannot guarantee the availability of this same table top but we have a variety of slabs and figured woods available for custom pieces.

Visit our specials page for more information on wood slabs. 

Because pricing varies depending on the species of wood that we currently have available, please contact us for a quote on a custom coffee table.