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Sack Back Windsor Arm Chair

The Sack Back Windsor Arm Chair is a traditional Windsor chair that originated in Philadelphia - just a short drive from Lancaster County. The sack back is the perfect chair to add to living room seating; and makes even more of an artistic statement with the through crest and carvings. If used in the dining room, it is oftentimes used with our light bulb side chairs.

All of our Windsor chairs have a gentle curvature to the seat, flexible hand-turned spindles, and the perfect amount of arc in the semi-circular back; all to create a chair that is comfortable, durable, and functional. Our chairs receive the same high-quality finish and attention to detail as all of our furniture.

The two chairs pictured
are available in a variety of wood species, several different stains, and our black rubbed through finish; both are available as a rocker. The Sack Back Arm Chair with Through Crest is also available without the carvings on the through crest. 

Pricing for these chairs is shown below; please contact us for a quote on a custom chair or for more information.

Sack Back Arm Chair
Height: 39-1/2 in.
Depth: 15-1/2 in.
Width: 20-1/2 in.

Oak: $380.00
Cherry: $420.00
Walnut: $430.00
Tiger Maple: $475.00
Black Rubbed: $430.00

Sack Back Arm Chair with Through Crest and Carvings
Height: 49 in.
Depth: 15-1/2 in.
Width: 20-1/2 in.

Oak: $430.00
Cherry: $470.00
Walnut: $480.00
Tiger Maple: $525.00 
Black Rubbed: $480.00