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Old Road Furniture Company enjoys making distinctive pieces of furniture. Please browse this page for some of the unique pieces of furniture we currently have for sale. Also pictured on this page are wood slabs that we have at our workshop with the purpose of generating ideas for table, counter tops, coffee tables, and various other pieces of furniture that we could make for you. We have a constantly changing supply so please visit us or give us a call for the most up to date specialty items in our shop.

Buchanan Elm  
Own a piece of history! Old Road Furniture has several figured elm slabs in various sizes from an American Elm tree that was growing in historic Woodward Hill (or Buchanan) Cemetery. When living the tree was was about 100 feet tall and 70 inches in diameter! A few years ago, Dutch elm disease, which stops water from flowing from the roots to the leaves, forced the tree to be cut down to ensure it did not damage the historic cemetery. The arborists said the tree, that witnessed several years of history, had already died making these slabs environmentally-friendly.

The tree spent several years providing shade to this small cemetery in Lancaster, PA which is the burial place of
President James Buchanan
, the 15th President of the United States!

Several others buried in the cemetery include Oliver James Dickey, William Walton Griest, J. Roland Kinzer, Abraham Herr Smith ( all members of the House of Representatives), Frederick Muhlenberg (member of the Continental Congress and first speaker of the House of Representatives), and John Andrew Shulze (sixth Governor of PA).

The wood is cut and has been kiln and air dried to its optimal moisture content. The tree's legacy remains in the various pieces of furniture that are we are crafting from this historic tree that has lots of character. Several slabs are available in various shapes and sizes. 

There are several pictures below of the tree before it was cut, as it was being cut, and as it is being cut into slabs for the exclusive use of our shop! (For perspective on the size of the tree, compare the size of the Elm to the people standing in the background!)

Below you will also find examples of tables and other pieces of furniture that we have made with the Buchanan Elm Wood. You can find additional pictures on other areas of our website. 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss how we might be able to use this beautiful and unique wood for a custom piece of furniture for you. 


Wood Slabs for your Custom Furniture Order
We work with several local suppliers to keep several wood slabs in stock at our woodshop/showroom with the purpose of generating ideas for custom furniture orders. Slabs are perfect for a unique designs of coffee tables, counter tops, pub tables, desks, dinning room tables, shelving, and several other pieces of furniture that we could make for you. We could either design and craft a piece of furniture for you with the slab of your choice or you could buy the slab (either finished or unfinished).

We will oftentimes leave the "live edge" on the sides of furniture with wood slabs in order to preserve the natural character of the tree. Wood slabs will typically come with an abundance of figure, knots, and bark inclusions. We like to embrace the uniqueness and character that comes with every wood slab by treating it with an epoxy resin filler that dries clear to maintain the original design from nature. 

Slabs are oftentimes an
environmentally-friendly way to make furniture as they will come from trees that died before they are cut into lumber (just like the Elm Slabs we received as described above). 

Several examples of our slabs are shown below but we have a constantly changing supply and we are always adding more slabs to our personal collection. Please visit our showroom or give us a call for the latest availability of our slabs. While we cannot guarantee availability as we can only find what nature provides, you may contact us to provide us with the material and size specifications of a slab you are looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

The slabs range in size from over 10 feet tall x 40 inches wide to smaller sizes perfect for coffee tables to oval and round slabs. 

Vintage Steel Table Base - Online Sale Only  
The standard ORFC vintage steel table base is listed for $2,000.00 (the top is an additional cost). Mention this online only special and we will change the standard "ORFC" (Old Road Furniture Company) initials on the base to the initials or lettering of your choice for no additional cost (a $200.00 value!). The table top is an additional cost which varies depending on the wood species, size, and slab type. Pictured below is our Vintage Steel Table Base with ORFC lettering with a Walnut Slab Table Top (the table pictured shows two arcs with a point which is an additional cost).