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ORFC Vintage Metal Base Table with Walnut Slab

The ORFC Vintage Metal Base Table has a steel table base that is designed to look like an old machinery base. The base is constructed of two trestle-like ends that have a solid rod stretcher attached with four 3" square nuts. The height of the table is adjustable using threaded levelers bolted to each trestle. The top of the table pictured is a thick slab of walnut; some pictures are of a finished walnut slab and others are unfinished. We left the edge "live", filled the cracks with a clear epoxy resin, added a clear finish to maintain the natural character of the tree. The finished slab pictured has two butterfly inserts. 

The ORFC Vintage Metal base can be made with a single or a double arc on the base. The double arc comes to a point in the middle. Additionally, we can customize the lettering to your choice and can powder-coat the base black or another color. An example is pictured of a conference table that wanted us to include the name of their company instead of ORFC; this table also shows the single arc base without a point.

This table can be made in a variety of woods or sizes or we can design and make a custom table similar to this table. The top pictured is unique and we cannot guarantee the availability of this same table top but we have a variety of slabs and figured woods available for custom pieces.

Visit our specials page for more information on wood slabs. 

The standard ORFC vintage steel table base with a single arc (no point) is listed for $2,000.00 (the top is an additional cost). Mention this online special and we will change the standard "ORFC" (Old Road Furniture Company) initials on the base to the initials or lettering of your choice for no additional cost (a $200.00 value!). Additional customization may increase the cost. The table top is an additional cost which varies depending on the wood species, size, and slab type, please contact us for a quote on a custom table.