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Custom White Kitchen with Cherry Island

This is a custom kitchen made with cherry wood. The cabinets are cherry that are painted white with a rubbed through finish. The rub through finish exposes the cherry wood in certain areas such as corners to give the cabinetry a unique depth that cannot be accomplished by paint alone. The island is natural cherry to accent the white cabinets.

We will work with you in any capacity when making a custom kitchen from arranging counter tops, tile, appliances, and hardware to installation to simply making and delivering the cabinets. Of course, the wood species, finish, and style is completely up to you and we can fit any size kitchen, big or small. 

Visit our custom furniture page for more information about custom pieces and kitchens. 

Because pricing for kitchens varies depending on the species of wood, size, and style, please contact us or visit us for a quote on a custom kitchen.